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Comet Car Hire Port Douglas Difference

  • * Unlimited Kilometres*

  • * 24/7 Mechanical Roadside Assistance Coverage

  • * Excellent Service

  • * Quick & Easy Phone and Online Booking

  • * Great Range of Vehicles

  • * Open 7 Days

Australia’s Best Value in Car Rental.

*Note: Customers, please note that a 250 KM radius from the city Area of Use applies, however Unlimited KMs still apply as long as you stay within this zone.

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Good Customer_service

Customer Service

Customer Service is our number one priority. We strive to be the easiest and most simple Comet car hire Port Douglas rental company to deal with. We provide 24 hour road side assistance and can cater to your needs at all hours of the day.


No Hidden Fees

As a car rental company we do not believe in hidden fees, the price we give you is the price you pay. We provide very little paperwork, if you have a valid 'open' drivers license and credit card, you are right to go.


Comet Car Hire Port Douglas

Address: 3/11 Warner St Port Douglas QLD 4877

Phone: (07) 4099 6407




  • # Insurance included in rates (Excess applies)

  • # Vehicles cannot be driven off sealed roads e.g. Coastal road from Cape Tribe to Cooktown/ Chillagoe. (This does not apply to 4WD vehicles)

  • # LICENCES - All current Australian and Overseas licences are accepted

  • # AGE LIMIT - 21 years is the minimum age limit

  • # FUEL - The vehicle is supplied with a full tank and should be returned full

  • # CREDIT CARDS & DEPOSITS - All credit cards are accepted, cash deposits from $500 depending on hirers age & vehicle

  • # Free pick up Hotels and Motels – (by arrangement) Conditions Apply*

  • # Free Local maps and tourist information

  • # Baby seats, capsules, boosters, GPS available upon request

  • # Subject to change price without notice


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<h1>Why Travel by Rental Car in Port Douglas?</h1
 Even though it's less expensive and safer to utilise public transportation when travelling in Asia, we absolutely believe hiring a car is the most effective option for getting around in more established parts of the world including the Port Douglas, Cairns, and the rest of Australia. Here's why you should travel by rental car when exploring Port Douglas or Cairns:
 Independence-- we love having the ability to hop in our own vehicle and go wherever we want, when we want. Throughout our road trips in Port Douglas and Cairns we took pleasure in the flexibility of being able to spontaneously visit interesting places, proceed to new destinations quickly, modify our itinerary at the last second or just pull over along the way for a picnic.
 Coziness-- we favor the coziness and space of our very own car more than cramped, raucous buses and trains. We prefer to stick the air conditioning or heater on as we desire , tune the radio to a station we enjoy and chat in private whilst we enjoy the scenery pass by.
 Price-- although public transport is typically economical in Asia it could be quite costly in more matured countries, so a Port Douglas Car Hire can really save you money in the long-run. When we totalled up the price of catching either a train or bus through the East Coast of Australia, for instance, it calculated only slightly less expensive than hiring a car. Taking into consideration we would then have to buy extra transport to our hostels and destinations we would have really spent a lot more had we taken the bus or train down the coast instead of hired a car.
 Convenience-- hiring a car is really convenient; all you have to do is throw your belongings in the boot, examine the map or programme your Sat-Nav and drive directly to your next location. It's also fantastic to be able to park just outside attractions or your hotel.
 <h2>Car Hire Tips for Port Douglas Travellers</h2>
 Australia is a massive country, and while you can certainly take plane just about anywhere, sometimes a road trip is the most economical and fun solution. Road trips are a fantastic way to discover every nook and cranny, locate hidden gems and bond with your loved ones during your holiday.
 Port Douglas Car Hire has made a list that's full of suggestions to make certain your roadtrip is as stress-free and delightful as possible. We really hope you find it helpful, and would certainly like to know any other road tripping pointers and recommendations you may have!
 Fill up the gas tank with the vehicle on
Sure, you're actually breaking the law, and it's not really considered safe, but if you allow the car to run while you slowly refill the gas tank, you'll have the capacity to more precisely hit the amount of fuel you drove off with-- thus guaranteeing you don't hand the car hire company additional money by overfilling.
 Rent for a longer period.
If the rental car agency doesn't demand a fee for early returns, it can sometimes be less expensive to hire out for longer (to get, say, a weekend or promo rate) but return before your rental duration is up.
 Request a grace period before you drive away.
Yes, car rental companies play hardball with their 24-hour policy but most do actually have a grace period, typically up to two hours-- you just need to ask in advance. They'll usually grant you more time at no additional charge.
 If all else fails, just request an upgrade.
If you're flexible, you can generally get an upgrade for significantly below the price of reserving the next class of car. The objective of the car hire agent is to make patrons spend more than their initial reservation, even if it's just a dollar or two. By asking if they have any upgrades or deals when you show up, most of the time you'll get a nice upgrade.
 <h2>Be a Sport and Reserve a rental car with Port Douglas Car Rental</h2>
 <h3>We Make Booking a Rental Car in Port Douglas easy and convenient!</h3>
 We have the best offers for rental cars for budget friendly prices and a wide array of automobiles to pick from.
 Premier customer assistance offered by our customer service specialists is just another reason for you to book your hire car with Port Douglas Car Rental.
 Port Douglas offers a large choice of lodging and adventure activities. The Town's vicinity to the Great Barrier Reef, the Tropical Rainforest and the Outback Savanna make its location one-of-a-kind.
 Having so much at your doorstep means you will want your own transport and, we can help you with booking a car hire.

Comet Car Hire Port Douglas

Address: 3/11 Warner St Port Douglas QLD 4877

Phone: (07) 4099 6407


Opening Hours: Weekdays  8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Opening Hours: Weekends  8.00 am to 3.00 pm